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Mothers Day Tablescape💗

I wanted to create a table that felt really feminine and had an overall cheerful tone! To me, flowers are the easiest way to brighten up any day : ) I bought a floral table runner and a set of melamine dishes from @HomeGoods. They were the exact colors I was looking for (lots of pink). And even though I'm using the dishes and runner for Mothers Day, they can easily be used for any brunch, spring or summer party or event. I know Home Goods can be hard to shop at because they don't carry a lot in stock of their items- (I'm still looking to match a planter I bought!) However, they always carry holiday dishes as well as decor geared towards spring and summer, which makes it pretty easy to find something! Even if you wait last minute- they will usually always have dishes or a runner that you can use to make your table feel special!

I had already created a spring arrangement- which I will post about in another blog! I kept with the floral theme using floral stems I had recently bought @Michaels I just took apart the flower heads and stuffed them into a pitcher- really easy diy stuff!

I paired the flower-stuffed pitcher with a bottle of Prosecco, but really anything works- you can use wine, champagne, lemonade etc.. Just place it on a stand and make it your centerpiece! Or place it to the side for added decoration : )

BTW- The flowers I stuffed into the pitcher were just for decoration! I will pour the Prosecco directly into our glasses!

Spring floral arrangement

This table definitely has a feminine feel and it's just what I wanted for Mothers Day this year!

Making Things Pretty XO

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