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4th of July Tablescape 🇺🇸

Why do you love the 4th of July.... is it the fireworks, BBQ'S, a day off, or maybe..... it's the festive decor?!!

For me, the 4th is an exciting holiday, simply because it's a celebration! It's not about gifts, religion or chocolate (though, it could be if you wanted it too.. lol). It's a day to get together with family and friends in backyard BBQS, too much food, drinks, kids in the pool, watermelon, sparklers at night, glow necklaces, lawn games, fireworks and of course my favorite- festive decorations!

I absolutely love a themed table for the 4th of July- it doesn't need to be too overdone either- I mean yea... if you want to go all out, then that's awesome too. (I usually like to go all out!) But, you can easily keep it simple. Since the 4th of July is already so decorative you can get away with using some stars, stripes or plaid and calling it a day. Just make sure you have your patriotic colors of red, white and blue to keep with the tradition!!

My go to hack for the 4th of July is always shopping at the Dollar Store or any inexpensive store that sells items for less than $5!! I am always looking for decor that doesn't break the bank and the Dollar store always has a good selection to choose from. You can almost always find decor that doesn't look too cheap... Or, if you just need some table fillers, (I love this section) they have many items to choose from, which then makes it hard to not get it all... (and defeats the purpose of going to the dollar store-lol). Pairing this decor with some staples that you might already have or have splurged on in the past, will give your table a beautifully festive look which was created being budget-friendly!!

I also try to be conscience of what I'm using on my table because, let's be honest- things tend to get messy when you have people over! So, my primary goal when doing an outside table-scape for a holiday is to make it look as classy as I can and keeping in mind that I need to use things that can also be thrown out as well. Mixing and matching is always an ideal way to plan an outdoor event! I tend to mix and match using disposable products, adding in some melamine and glassware decor to create more of an elegant look.

My vision was plaid for this years tablescape! I used a set of red checkered melamine dishes that I purchased at the HomeGoods store- though, I do often use paper products, that way there's NO dishes to clean up!!! (I'll add a link from Amazon below for the picnic style paper plates that I've used in the past) The plaid tablecloth was my primary focal point for this tablescape, which was great because it was disposable, making it easy to clean up! I added a navy table runner to the table cloth to give it more of an elevated look. It also helped to give the table some dimension, since the table cloth didn't have any texture, being that it was plastic. I paired the plates with neutral chargers and added cloth napkins with little red, white and blue floral stems. All the filler decor (stars, signs, candles, holiday platter and silverware) were from the Dollar Store.

I'll break down a list of my items so you can see where I've bought things from for my 4th of July tablescape 🇺🇸

- Table cloth: red checkered - dollar store

- Table runner: navy- I already owned this

- Plate Chargers: Pottery Barn, link below ⬇️

- Plates: red checkered melamine- Amazon or Home Goods

- Napkins: Home Goods- But I found a great plaid option on Amazon- click the link below. ⬇️

Red Checkered picnic style paper plates ⬇️

Happy celebrating on the 4th of July! And Thanks for taking the time to read my blog ; )

Making Things Pretty 💗

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