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Easter Centerpiece

Make this simple diy centerpiece that's cute and colorful with just a few items. I love creating tablescapes and centerpieces, especially around the holidays. Whether your looking to make it fun and casual or sophisticated and classy - I think a table arrangement or centerpiece just dresses up the table for whatever occasion your celebrating : ) You may be the only actual person who appreciates it- but it's a feel good kind of moment when your table is set and decorated!

This centerpiece only needs a few items to create this look.


-Easter eggs (I like to use bright colors)- but you can use pastels, sparkly or muted colors too)

-Any type of florals as a filler (I used a pink berry bundle from Michaels) There's a link down below.

-Bunny as a stuffer

-2 Bunny picks (from Michaels)

-Most important- 2 clear glass vases- one large and one small.

These look much better in the vase!

I love decorating for Easter because you have plenty of options when styling- It can be an all white theme, to using lots of vibrant colors, to decorating with easter eggs, bunnies, flowers & greenery etc. all to mix and match when creating your look. Or, because it's spring time you can go all out with an abundance of flowers! Actually, I'm in the middle of creating a floral tablescape- but that's for another post!

I hope this gives you some inspiration for creating and styling your own centerpiece!


- First, take the smaller glass vase and place it inside the bigger glass vase making sure it's in the center, that way there is enough room for the eggs to fall in and around the glass jar.

- Next, you'll place the bunny your using and place it in between the 2 glass vases making sure its secure but not too squished!

- Then, you can start adding the easter eggs in between the 2 glass vases. You can also fill up the smaller glass vase with eggs too-just make sure you have enough room to add in your floral stems.

-Take your chosen florals stems and add them to the smaller glass vase- if you need to remove the easter eggs you can always add them back in after you secured your floral stems : )

- Last, add your bunny picks however you like!

Tip- Try replacing the Easter eggs with some jelly beans or bunny peeps for a fun display!

Making things pretty 💗 XO


Floral Stems

Bunny Picks

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