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A Pretty in Pink Tablescape for Valentines Day 💗

Updated: Mar 31, 2023

I went with a pretty in pink tablescape for valentines day! Now, I do love myself some red, but I tend to like the color pink a bit more. It's a-little softer and will contrast with other colors better than red can. Plus, I wasn't going for a bold statement and just wanted it to feel airy and light!

When I create a tablescape I usually have an idea of the centerpiece that I want to use or I already decided on the color Im going with. This time I knew I was using the color pink- so it was pretty simple to create. Plus, I actually had all the pieces for the table setting in my house this time. Meaning there was no need to run to the store (Boo hoo) - making it a score for my husband, because there was no money spent!! I'm not worried it will all balance out because it just means there's extra to spend on Easter lol!!

I decided to use a runner- sometimes I'll just go with a bare table but I think the plain white runner was the perfect neutral to use, before I added touches of pink to the table. I also have these pretty pink chargers from the Michaels Store that I used to accent the white dishes. These are great because they can be used multiple times, maybe on Easter, Mothers day or for some other spring tablescape your looking to create.

I paired the pink chargers with my set of white dishes (which I always use) and these really cute heart dishes from the Home Goods store. Which you literally need to buy the moment you see the items or you'll never be able to find them again-and you'll be like me wishing you just pulled the trigger and had purchased them!! Yes- there are more important things in life to stress over, than home decor regrets ... lol! But, some of you know what I mean!!

For the rest of the table setting, I used white napkins which kind of look like bows and added a nice texture to the table. And I'm in love with this set of Kate Spade glasses I had gotten around the holidays. It all came together after I paired it all with white and gold silverware.

After putting it all together, I just needed to figure out if I was going with some floral arrangement or some other kind of centerpiece. Now, thats the creative part- where I turn my house upside down trying to figure what looks best! Creating and making centerpieces, then pulling them all apart and starting all over.... sounds maddening right?! I know- but that's my favorite part!!

I hope you are inspired - have fun creating your tablescape!!

Making things pretty 💗

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