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What Pillow Rule?!?!

This post is a quick read- I promise!! I have an easy pillow reference for all your pillow woes, which means you'll have more time enjoying your pillows then buying and returning all the wrong sizes!

Does anyone really know the correct size for a decorative pillow insert?!! If your like me... then you have absolutely no clue and you just keep guessing on the size you need. After much trial and error and by that I mean buying and returning - I actually figured it out!

No more buying a size too small and squeezing that pillow with everything you have until it looks like the stuffing is going to burst everywhere or the zipper breaks!!

I was excited to purchase these pretty pillow cases from to use on my outdoor chaise loungers. What I bought were pillow cases and when they arrived, there were no cushions inside them. Sure, that's fine I thought- I’ll just buy pillow inserts for them. And that’s where the problem occurred. I had absolutely no idea what size to purchase and then I was off and down a rabbit hole of pillow insert hunting!

What I realized was there's an actual rule- it's the 2 inch rule. Let me explain... First, you definitely need to know the size of your pillow case- say you have a size 20"x20" pillow case that you want to stuff - your pillow insert size needs to be 22"x22". That's where you get the 2" inch rule. Anything more will look like a stuffed turkey about to explode. Anything less will look sloppy and not showcase your pillows the way you see in the stores. It's a perfect rule... not too much and not too little - it's the just the right size!

Here's a quick guide for pillow inserts: All you need to know is size 2 inches up.

12"x12" pillow cover would be 14"x14" pillow insert

14"x14" pillow cover would be 16"x16" pillow insert

16"x16"pillow cover would be 18"x18" pillow insert

18"x18" pillow cover would be 20"x20" pillow insert

20"x20" pillow cover would be a 22"x22" pillow insert

And so on....

Using this quick guide will help make all your future purchases much easier and save you the hassle of buying and returning!!

Making things Pretty 💗Xo

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